From the need of bringing more “Light to the Earth”, at the moment in which day and night are perfect in balance these elements brought Antonella Antonelli’s creative mind to give life to the ALBAN EiLER in 2018.

The idea stems from a meeting with a “master craftsman” who gave Antonella the opportunity to learn about the world of footwear; attendance at the sector, fashion shows, fairs, events, bring to light the stylistic talent and the creative nature that today translates into shoes market under the ALBAN EiLER brand.

Shoes created and handmade in Italy, in a perfect balance of high quality materials and accessories that allow you to feel good wearer in any situation and with every outfit.

The symbol )-( two opposite brackets united by a horizontal line indicates the moment of separation between one part and the other of a period of life, it is the moment of new projects and rebirth.

The planet earth above the letter “i” emphasizes that ALBAN EiLER is the right time to reborn with nature and merge with Mother Earth.